Live/Studio Audio Tracks

 Live/Studio Audio Tracks
  1. HIDDEN: Studio: (Moorish) PanAcoustic: 0:00

  2. SAO PAULO: (Latin: Live) PanAcoustic0:00

  3. FUNK YOU VERY MUCH: (Funk) PanAcoustic0:00

  4. THE APPALACHIAN FALL SUITE: (Bluegrass) PanAcoustic0:00

  5. ZAWINUL: (Fusion:Live) PanAcoustic0:00

  6. SUNDRIED: (Spanish:Studio) PanAcoustic0:00

  7. RHUMBA ROSA: (Rhumba: Live) PanAcoustic0:00

  8. THE RAIN SONG: (Cover) All Rights Led Zeppelin. (Arr for Guitar Duet by PanAcoustic0:00

  9. I'M SORRY: (Live) PanAcoustic0:00

  10. BIG SUN: (African Big Two: Live) PanAcoustic 0:00

  11. THE MONUMENT/FIRST DAY OF SPRING: (Celtic: Trad). Arr by PanAcoustic for 2 Guitars0:00

  12. IT HAS TO BE: (Contemporary: Live) PanAcoustic 0:00

  13. MINOR SWING: (Swing: Live) PanAcoustic. All Rights Django Reinhardt. 0:00

  14. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: (Cover:Live) All Rights Led Zeppelin. (Arr for Solo Plectrum Guitar) PanAcoustic0:00

  15. SPENDING SUNDAY WITH YOU: 'All of Hearing' (Live) All Rights Frank Gambali. Arr by PanAcoustic0:00

  16. BLUES FOR AF: From 'All of Hearing' (Live) Written for Solo Fingerstyle Guitar.PanAcoustic. 0:00

  17. HERE COMES THE SUN/MOTHER NATURES SON: All Rights, The Beatles. Arr for Guitar Duet by PanAcoustic.0:00

  18. ANGELA: From 'All of Hearing' (Live) All Of Rights, Mike Post. Arr. for Guitar Duet by PanAcoustic0:00

  19. Extract from 'DAYBREAK': 'All of Hearing' All Rights, Pat Metheney. Arr. by PanAcoustic.0:00

  20. ROAD WALTZ: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  21. CUCKOO'S NEST: Studio. Trad Hornpipe arr. for 2 Guitars by PanAcoustic0:00

  22. I'LL NEVER FORGET: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  23. I'LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS: Studio. Isham Jones. Arr. for 2 Guitars by PanAcoustic0:00

  24. MEL: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  25. MINOR SWING: Studio. Django Reinhardt. Arr. for 2 Guitars by PanAcoustic0:00

  26. WHEN YOU'RE HERE: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  27. SOMETHING IN A BROTHER: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  28. END OF STORY: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  29. A LATIN TALE: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  30. MY FUNNY VALENTINE: Studio. Richard Rogers. Arr. for Solo Guitar. Paul Joseph0:00

  31. IT HAS TO BE: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  32. JACO'S PASSING: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  33. COME AGAIN: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00

  34. JANUS: Studio. PanAcoustic0:00