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Acoustic Instruments

Waghorn Custom OM, Cedar Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides.

Furch Vintage Line OM-34-SR, Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Furch Millennium Line Custom GA 23-CR-C, Cedar Top Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Furch Millennium Line Custom GA 23-SR-C, Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back & Sides

Tacoma Papoose, Cedar Top, Mahogony Back & Sides

Kala Fretless Bass Ukulele, Spruce top, Mahogony Back & Sides

Logarhythm Prolog - Guitar Stomp Box


Bose L1 Model 1S System (x2 in Stereo) with x2 B1 Bass Modules

Bose T1 ToneMatch Engine

D-TAR Solstice 2-Channel Preamp Mixer

Van Damme Silver Plated Stereo Leads / TRS Jacks

Neutrik Stereo Jack to x2 Neutrick Mono Jacks, Sommer ONYX Cable Unbalanced Insert/Splitter Leads

Mimesis Kudos Magnetic/Mic Blend System (

LR Baggs Anthem Pickup System

Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

Elixir Phospher Bronze Nanoweb Strings 13-56

Dunlop Jazz III Pick

V-Pick Stiletto